Limited Administration

At the Robert Legal Group we know how hard you work to achieve justice for the victims of serious injuries. When a plaintiff passes away, your case is put on hold. Don’t let the Surrogate’s Court complexities created by your client’s personal family dynamics cause your case to be put on indefinite hold, or be dismissed for failure to timely substitute an estate representative. Let us put our knowledge and experience to use for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best. For convenient, reliable, affordable and effective Surrogate’s Court counsel, contact the Robert Legal Group today for assistance.

Compromise Proceedings

Compromising an action for a deceased plaintiff sometimes seems to take longer than did prosecuting the entire case! Factors like having an infant, incompetent, or missing necessary party to the Surrogate’s Court proceeding can lead to month after month after month of delays before a decree can be issued, and you and your clients receive payment. Don’t bang your head against the wall learning a complicated and time consuming practice area on the fly - call or email us today for help.

Appointing the Public Administrator for Deceased Defendants

When a defendant dies, don’t let their family dynamics dictate when you can restore your case to active status. Don’t waste your time waiting for defense counsel to provide info about the family and whether they are pursuing an estate proceeding. Filing a creditor’s application for the appointment of the Public Administrator is a complex proceeding, with county-specific rules and procedures. Call us for immediate help to get your case going again.